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Thank you for your interest in the Bolts, all our in-person tryouts have been completed for Fall. We are still accepting players by VIRTUAL tryouts. See the information below,


We have developed a Virtual Tryout Process – See the details below,


  1. Please complete the following Prospective Player Form
  2. Download & watch this Bolts virtual tryout YOU TUBE
  3. Use this PDF with the schematic & details to set up each drill. Virtual Bolts Tryout – Full Version
  4. Make a video of YOU demonstrating these skills and e-mail it to or upload into this Dropbox Link

Any questions or issues with the process, please email us




Video entries will be accepted through March 1st, 2021. Players will be notified via email one of the options below regarding assessment once videos have been viewed.

Virtual tryout video entries are for any players age 7 to 17.

In order to be as transparent as possible and help expedite the tryout process for both prospective players and BOLTS, email video entries will receive an email response from a Bolts staff member.

The response will include one of these:

  1. Player will be offered a 2021 roster spot
  2. Player is still being considered for a 2021 roster spot
  3. Player is not being considered for a 2021 roster spot