Trinity Solar Bolts Fundraiser Sponsorship

Trinity Solar

The Boston Bolts have lofty fundraising goals as a 501c3 non-profit organization. We simply aim to be the BEST Club Soccer Program we can. Our goals include, but are not limited to, our Bolts Players Scholarship Program, Bolts Coaches education and retention programs, and our acquisition of the best facilities possible in each of the regions we serve.  Additionally, our charitable giving programs through several avenues, including the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Concussion Awareness program.  To read more on the Bolts fundraiser missions, click here.

We are happy to announce today the the Boston Bolts and Trinity Solar have joined in an new and exciting partnership in a way that will help us in our continuing efforts to reach all of our lofty goals and help make the our planet greener in the process.  Please take a moment to check out the options they can provide to you, our Bolts family members and simultaneously help the Bolts achieve success in our endeavors.  Click the link below to access their portal for a description of What they can offer you and your family.  As always we thank you for your support and dedication to being the best!  #WeareBolts


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