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Bolts Code of Conduct for Parents

As an organization committed to the coaching, playing and the enjoyment of youth soccer, the Boston Bolts seeks to promote the highest standards of courtesy, sportsmanship and positive behavior among its parents and families at all times.

The Boston Bolts will not tolerate behavior which brings the club, team, or game into disrepute.  The Club believes that the attitude shown by parents toward their children, all children, coaches, referees, fellow parents, and opposing players are of paramount importance.   Parents must remember at all times that they are role models.

Parents are expected to also read, and enforce their child’s compliance of the Player Code of Conduct. Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct is subject to immediate dismissal from any game and disciplinary action up to and including being expelled from the club.

I have read this agreement and accept this agreement as part of my commitment to the Boston Bolts Soccer Club and acknowledge the consequences of not abiding by this agreement.

Day to Day Principles

1.1 Support my child with positive encouragement at all times.

1.2 Respect the facility rules, either home or away.

1.3 Assist my player by ensuring on time arrival to training and games.

1.4 Maintain good relationships with coaches by respecting coach’s decision making.

1.5 Control jealousy and rivalries within the team, as a healthy team understands there will be competition for playing time and positions.

1.6 Refrain from expressing my opinion of the coaches or any player in front of my own child, other parents, or in a public setting.

1.7 Will not use social media to express any negativity toward anyone associated with the Boston Bolts.

1.8 Respect and adhere to the playing philosophies, policies, and rules determined by the Boston Bolts.

1.9 Video-taping or audio-recording of training by parents is prohibited


Training / Game Day Behavior

2.1 Maintain self-control at all times.

2.2 Exhibit a high degree of sportsmanship, teamwork and positive attitude at all times when representing my child, the team and the club.

2.3 Refrain from coaching from the sidelines during training and or games.

2.4  Drop and go during training is preferred.

2.5  Refrain from using foul language.

2.6 Zero tolerance for racially motivated comments towards other parents, coaches, officials or opponents. 

2.7 Accept defeat gracefully.  

2.8 Refrain from questioning referees’ calls.

2.9 Refrain from arguing or having confrontational dialogue with parents of opponents.


Communication Protocol

3.1 Encourage my player (13+) to speak with the coach directly when discussing playing time, positions and any team issues.

3.2 Respect the 24-hour rule when dealing with issues and concerns.  Parents who have a concern to address with a coach must wait at least 24 hrs to connect with a coach following a game or training session.

3.3 Avoid writing lengthy emails about issues and instead request a meeting with coach or director.

3.4 In cases where players are being bullied or verbally abused by players or coaches, parents are to report incidents to the Director of Coaching or Director of Operations immediately.


Financial Responsibility

4.1 Pay full financial obligation to the Club including player fees, required fundraising, and travel expenses.

4.2 Failure to meet financial commitments may lead to player suspension from training and/or games.

4.3  When registering, will read and accept financial responsibility policies in accordance with club registration


Disciplinary Action

5.1 The Club has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for more serious issues such as bullying, racial abuse, or use of racial slurs, theft of property, illegal drug use, and significantly disrespectful or disruptive behavior, by anyone participating in a Bolts event.  The Head Coach may define team or individual player disciplinary actions (e.g., practice or game suspension, request for written or spoken apology, etc.), and is at his or her discretion. More serious player or parent misconduct issues will be reviewed by the Executive Technical Director & Director of Coaching and CEO, to determine disciplinary action.  Decisions on disciplinary actions (including suspension and or dismissal from the club) relating to any of the aforementioned player conduct guidelines, are final and at the sole discretion of the Bolts Executive Team.

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