NEP New England Premiership

New England Premiership (NEP)

The New England Premiership (NEP) is the premier club soccer league for clubs throughout New England focused on player development. Participation is limited to clubs with a demonstrated commitment to player development such as minimum licenses for coaches, minimum standards for facilities and a dedicated Director of Coaching with a minimum of a USSF B license.

The Bolts provide the most highly credentialed coaches from around New England.  Our Director of Coaching, Marco Koolman, is a Division I College Coach and holds a USSF A license.  Additionally, all of our coaches are supported logistically and financially to obtain higher licensure within the USSF structure.   Bolts coaches are also provided with state of the art curriculum and coaching instruction from our European Affiliate, AS Roma.

For more information on Bolts NEP Teams and Regions throughout Massachusetts, please contact, Bolts NEP Coordinator: Don Whitaker

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  1. Dear Don Whitaker: My son, Rohan Greene-Barton, has been playing on the Youth Soccer league in Amherst, MA. His team is the Barca team coached by Keith Payne. I am inquiring to see if my son might be able to try out for your club team. He is missing playing games due to Covid 19 and what is happening locally with Youth Soccer league is simply not enough for him. He is eager to find out if he might have the opportunity to join your team. Thank you, Alison Greene-Barton (805-276-8207)

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