Fundraising Make a Difference

Bolts Fundraising

Boston Bolts and it’s players have very lofty goals. We desire to be the BEST club soccer organization out there. Our goal is to create the opportunity for all youth soccer players to receive exceptional training and development, so they may achieve their greatest potential as a player, and use that talent as an avenue to higher education and life success. Through the development of a strong foundation in the game, Bolts players are actively recruited by collegiate, national and professional teams alike.

We also know that these successes do not come without a financial cost. At the Boston Bolts, we try very hard to raise funds annually from our club members along with the generosity and support of our partners and sponsors. Through our dedication to being the best, we need core components to make it happen. This includes, but is not limited to, our player scholarship program to make sure that players who want to play for the Boston Bolts are not shut out and all families in need of financial assistance can apply for help.

Additionally, to have the best players, you must have the best coaches. At the Boston Bolts, we aim to attract, retain and continuously educate our amazing staff of talented coaches which is the component that trains our players to meet their goals. Of course with the Best Players and the Best Coaches, you must have the best facilities. With the Boston Bolts, our various practice and game-day facilities across the state are second to none.

Our fundraising efforts help us attain our lofty goals, both on the field and off from helping our players achieve recruitment excellence from the highest collegiate levels to the pros domestically and internationally. Additionally, we are proud to say our efforts help support our partners at Massachusetts General Hospital who remind us that some of life’s lessons that are taught every day have nothing to do with the soccer field.

We ask that you help support our efforts with what you can, where you can. As a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, the Boston Bolts can assure you that all our funds raised go back into this program to help us attain our goals. “We are not the BEST club, because we are the oldest club in Mass. We are the oldest because we are the BEST!”