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“Together” for kids, for athletes, for successful futures!

The Boston Bolts are proud to honor the memory, and the honorable legacy, of John M. Willett, through the inauguration of the Boston Bolts John Willett Scholarship Fund.

John M. Willett epitomized the mission of FC Greater Boston Bolts.  He was dedicated to the development of all young people through soccer and through the ‘total player’ focus of the Boston Bolts, which provides both on and off-field development.  John’s mantra with his teams always began with the word “Together”.  He knew it took a team, a village, a group of like-minded people with the same goal, to create success.  His passion for soccer, as a gateway to team and character building, was evidenced by his support of this club and all of its athletes.  John’s three children, Nick, Ben, and Jessica, all played with multiple teams on the Boston Bolts and developed life skills that have carried them into adulthood.

John’s commitment to the soccer club was demonstrated by the thousands of hours he volunteered as a team manager, as a member of the Board, and then ultimately the Board President, a position he held for over a decade.  During his tenure, he worked to help the Bolts become one of the founding clubs in US Soccer Development Academy, the highest  level of youth soccer in the United States.

He raised funds for scholarships, oversaw multiple teams succeed at the national level, and hired superior coaches, all of whom embodied and executed the grand mission of this organization – to provide a soccer experience that teaches excellence in soccer skills and provides personal growth opportunities so to achieve success on and off the field.  Today, the Bolts continue to live by John’s philanthropic spirit through its community service focus and by providing scholarships so this great game, and the benefits of Bolts’ great mission, is accessible to ALL KIDS.

John’s family is thrilled to continue his legacy by offering this unique soccer and life experience to all young players regardless of income.

The John Willett Scholarship Fund is a testament to John’s enduring legacy, love of the game, and to the Greater Boston Bolts.  Your donation allows a deserving kid the unparalleled opportunity to Be a Bolt!

How can you contribute to the John M. Willett Scholarship fund?  Our three funds are available at your discretion below.  If you have any questions you can always reach out to our scholarship fund coordinator at

“Together” we can do this.  WE THANK YOU!

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