Our Mission + Vision & Commitment

Our Mission, Vision & Commitment


The Boston Bolts develop exceptional soccer players who are prepared to compete at the collegiate, national or professional level, by providing the highest quality soccer resources, superior technical curriculum, competitive athletic programs and personal growth opportunities that support a successful future.


The Boston Bolts aspire to be the premier destination club for youth soccer players in New England, who desire to achieve excellence, on and off the field, through the development of exceptional soccer skills and strong personal character, in preparation for collegiate or professional athletics and all life ambitions.


The Bolts are committed to providing the opportunity for all Greater Boston youth soccer players to receive exceptional training and development, so they may achieve their greatest potential as a player, and use that talent as an avenue to higher education and life success.  The Bolts have a strong legacy as one of the TOP CLUBS in the U.S. for college-recruited players, and boast a vast network of collegiate, national team and professional player and coach alumni.  Our commitment to supporting our players’ soccer, educational, and personal development goals, is the essence of our club. The Bolts are the ONLY club in Massachusetts to provide a full player development pathway.