Scorpions Information

FC Boston girls soccer program operates into 6 regional development centers throughout the state of Massachusetts. There is no cost to tryout for an FC Boston team. You can view the regional map below to determine your nearest region. Please also note that we are moving to the new birth year format. Please determine which tryout times slot to attend based on your daughters birth year. Contact the regional director from your region to discuss a tryout with your daughter with FC Boston.

Players must have shin guards, bring their own ball and water. Parents must stay off of the field and refrain from directing or encouraging your daughter.

Yearly tryouts are in late May/early June. U8-U18 Players can try out with and join FC Boston mid year. Start off by contacting the appropriate contact.

East Region

Farid Issa


Danielle Gordon


Nick Rugnetta


Jeb Booth

Central Mass

Dave Noel


John Gillis


Evan Burokas



Tumi Gugshe


Mo Keita


Fred Marks


Nick Rugnetta
Bob Meals


Darren Burke