Boston Bolts are a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation, and our club’s stated mission is to empower and develop young players to reach their ultimate potential on and off the field through premium coaching and the highest quality competition.  Our actual mission goes far deeper than just technical and tactical development. Using soccer as a vehicle, we aspire to help our players enrich their life skills by building self esteem, developing good health habits, managing the demands of a major extracurricular time commitment and working collaboratively in performance oriented teams. This helps our players learn how to be leaders, how to interact effectively with adults, how to get the most out of one another and how to channel their competitive instincts productively.

Bolts connections to the college soccer coaching community and the advisory services we provide greatly help support our players reach athletic goals they otherwise may not be able to reach.

Member Benefits

Listed below are additional unique member benefits to playing with Boston Bolts:

  • Outstanding professional coaching and technical guidance
  • Affiliation with professional European club – AS Roma providing curriculum, training and International competition
  • Nike Premier partnership
  • US Soccer Development Academy founding member.  The only amateur club in this state to offer full range of Development Academy teams U12 to U18
  • Elite Clubs National Leauge (ECNL) Boys teams U14 to U19; One of only 2 clubs in Massachusetts to offer ECNL
  • EZ Kit Online ordering of uniforms through our official retailer & discounts on Nike footwear and other apparel at WeGotSoccer in Foxboro
  • New England Premiership (NEP) league founding member
  • Player identification process for all levels by scouts
  • International Soccer & Cultural Tours through our partner GoPlay
  • College Night and college planning program
  • Club alumni in top colleges and pros
  • PDL franchise for college age players and older

Boston Bolts conducts open tryouts each year for all of our teams. 

The mutual commitment between a player and the Club lasts for one year. At the conclusion of the season in June open tryouts will be held. Selection to a team one year does not guarantee that player a place on the team the following year. Tryouts are held every year to allow teams to replace players who have dropped off or have moved on. Tryouts also allow hardworking and ambitious players, not currently with the Club, who have improved their playing ability, to join stronger or more competitive teams in Boston Bolts.  Detailed tryout schedules for each region will be posted in first week of May. Click on the region tab for more details and contact information for Boston Bolts girls & boys in your area.


Players born in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 tryout between June 4th and 8th

Players born in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 tryout between June 11th and 15th