Bolts Futsal


We are proud to launch our Bolts Futsal Program and have Sam Viana as our Bolts Futsal Director. He has put together a comprehensive and affordable futsal program that includes training and games beginning in mid November.  Training will be held at regional locations on weekday evenings; games will be on weekends at rotating locations between all FC Bolts regions; players will be selected to participate in Futsal Tournaments.  

"Bolts Futsal was created to provide the best development environment in the Northeast.  Because of our experienced coaching staff and extended training program, we are able to focus on the actual elements that make futsal the best technical, tactical option for future soccer players," Futsal Director Viana explained.  

Bolts already holds a rich history of futsal success, including championships at both the 2016 USSF and USYF Northeast Futsal Regionals.  Former Bolts futsal player Mimi Kenawy is recognized as one of top young talents in the country, with recent call-ups by the USA National Futsal Team.

Why Futsal?

US Soccer has recognized that futsal is a great tool for the development of soccer players, thus they have introduced it in their Development Academy program. 

The hard surface, heavier low bounce ball, small dimensions, and reduced number of players create an intense game, which demands greater technical and tactical awareness from its participants.

In Brazil the utilization of futsal for the development of soccer players has been used at the majority of the big clubs.  Players like Neymar, Marcelo, Willian, Philippe Coutinho, have attributed their outstanding technical abilities and creativity in small spaces to their involvement in futsal as youngsters.

For questions and additional information, please contact Sam Viana
Phone:  (857) 244-3689