College Planning

Included in Bolts Tuition

College Showcases
o DA/ECNL U15 – U19

o NEP/NPL U16 – U19
Tournaments & State Cup (varies by team and level; HS players who play NEP may also gain exposure at HS competitions)

  • Player Profile distribution at DA showcases

  • Soccer Resume Template
    o Note: ECNL may use their league-specific template

  • College Night Symposium
    o College Process Review/Timeline o Standardized Testing
    o BoltsSupport
    o SoccerSpecificRecruitment

  • Free game video access (DA only) for creation of highlight tape

  • College list denoting Division I, II, III, NAIA schools

  • Discounted SAT Prep Course

  • A One on One consultation session for player & parent with either your Head Coach, or Director of DA or ECNL, or Executive Director (meeting must be initiated and scheduled by player in sophomore or junior year): review personal goals, soccer resume, college list, college coach contact plan as it relates to showcases, and guidance on selecting ID camps.

  • Bolts Coach Accessibility for College Coach communication

Boston Bolts
College Recruitment Program

Bolts *Fee-for-Service Options

Ongoing individual guidance including grade- appropriate planning of college preparatory activities; may begin as early as pre-freshmen year: Create individual plan to align personal goals, academic goals and abilities, with collegiate soccer opportunities

  • Identification of specific colleges and universities that support the academic and career goals, and soccer experience desired by the player, including contact information (or introduction if applicable) and school-specific guidance through the application process

  • Guidance on development of individual highlight video for college recruitment purposes

  • Creation of custom timeline specific to the individual student, individual college requirements, and player goals;

Manage the process directly with the student to keep them on track from ID center participation, coach communication, college visit organization, and college application completion

*These additional services are not included in tuition and require additional fees. Level of Counsel may be customized to meet your needs, including ‘soup to nuts’ management of process, or a la carte selection of services, or hourly consultation arrangements.

For more information on options and pricing for Fee-for Service College Recruitment Counseling, please contact:

**All Fee-for-Service payments are payable to Boston Bolts.