College Planning

College Planning

Included in Bolts Tuition

College Showcases
o DA/ECNL U15 – U19

o NEP/NPL U16 – U19
Tournaments & State Cup (varies by team and level; HS players who play NEP may also gain exposure at HS competitions)

  • Player Profile distribution at DA showcases

  • Soccer Resume Template
    o Note: ECNL may use their league-specific template

  • College Night Symposium
    o College Process Review/Timeline o Standardized Testing
    o BoltsSupport
    o SoccerSpecificRecruitment

  • Free game video access (DA only) for creation of highlight tape

  • College list denoting Division I, II, III, NAIA schools

  • Discounted SAT Prep Course

  • A One on One consultation session for player & parent with either your Head Coach, or Director of DA or ECNL, or Executive Director (meeting must be initiated and scheduled by player in sophomore or junior year): review personal goals, soccer resume, college list, college coach contact plan as it relates to showcases, and guidance on selecting ID camps.

  • Bolts Coach Accessibility for College Coach communication

Boston Bolts
College Recruitment Program

Bolts *Fee-for-Service Options

Ongoing individual guidance including grade- appropriate planning of college preparatory activities; may begin as early as pre-freshmen year: Create individual plan to align personal goals, academic goals and abilities, with collegiate soccer opportunities

  • Identification of specific colleges and universities that support the academic and career goals, and soccer experience desired by the player, including contact information (or introduction if applicable) and school-specific guidance through the application process

  • Guidance on development of individual highlight video for college recruitment purposes

  • Creation of custom timeline specific to the individual student, individual college requirements, and player goals;

Manage the process directly with the student to keep them on track from ID center participation, coach communication, college visit organization, and college application completion

*These additional services are not included in tuition and require additional fees. Level of Counsel may be customized to meet your needs, including ‘soup to nuts’ management of process, or a la carte selection of services, or hourly consultation arrangements.

For more information on options and pricing for Fee-for Service College Recruitment Counseling, please contact:

**All Fee-for-Service payments are payable to Boston Bolts.


SAT Prep Classes - Kelly & Hughes

SAT Prep



We are excited to announce our first SAT Prep Class.  With almost 40 years of teaching experience combined, Jim Kelly and Michael Hughes are veteran public and private school educators in Central Mass.  They have helped thousands of students and average over 100 point increases in the last 5 years.  FC Boston is pleased to partner with them to help players better prepare for their college application process.  Higher scores mean more acceptances and more financial aid/scholarships. Let them work with you to help make the SAT work for you.

Students will complete an SAT practice test and receive a specialized Item Analysis showing their greatest  areas of need

  • Students will be taught how to attack and solve many of the concepts and skills that they struggle with.
  • Students will be given an individualized plan for how to better their scores based upon their own strengths/weaknesses.
  • Future classes to be offered with different curriculum so students can benefit from more prep work


More Information at